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bride-and-groom-aprons Bride And Groom Aprons

Bride And Groom Aprons – That is nothing new. Kitchen apron is an old trend. It might be possible for you to remember the times as soon as your grandmother cooked in the kitchen wearing those aprons. In addition, you would also remember the time once your old grandmother managed and finished all family works while wearing these aprons.

So, we could say that apron is not a new fad. When these aprons were first created, they were just designed for functional purposes. These aprons simply serve for a single purpose and that is keeping the outfit or overall dress clean while doing household activities or cooking different foods. For many centuries, these aprons were popular amongst lower and middle class ladies because of its performance and convenience. Actually lower and middle class ladies had limited choice of clothing. They were unable to afford a lot of clothing. This is the simple reason why they widely used aprons. This was only to provide protection to costly and lovely clothing. On the other hand high course wealthy girls didn’t use these aprons because of the convenience of caretakers they had. These girls had a great number of servants who performed all of the essential household tasks and this is something which is also in training today.

On the other hand, the trend of aprons has been raised since 1950s when many celebrities portrayed working ladies with aprons in their homes. These photographs made a great gap and apron became a fashion statement for many ladies. In 1950s tightened waist varieties of aprons became more popular and homemakers started using these extensively. Afterwards on embroidered varieties also achieved considerable recognition. Vintage aprons also became famous and can be found easily from any classic products store.

In 1960s, the trend had shifted a bit and aprons were designed with a few bold and striking statements about the cook. These apparels also achieved great popularity among individuals and people loved to introduce them as a gift to loved ones and friends.

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